Needed: Firefox Archive Add-on


There should be a Firefox add-on, called Archive, that keeps a copy of an abstract for each webpage visited. Programmers could build the abstract into their HTML, or perhaps point to a thumbnail, a “table of contents” webpage, a user-generated sticky note, or some otherwise small and easily gleaned indication of what the page is about. The copy of the abstract could be saved like a log file that just keeps getting incremented with every additional webpage visited. The log file could be kept offsite and updated automatically, like the Foxmarks bookmarks synchronizer, so as to render it immune to hard drive crashes, system reinstallations, and the other maladies that regularly befall the browser’s history. The goal would be to generate an easily searchable reference source, for all those times when the user remembers that s/he visited a website about this or that but has no idea now where to begin to look — where a Google search on such a vague recollection would turn up a thousand hits.


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