Needed: Permanent Flea Market Stalls Online


I have some stuff that’s not worth much. For example, I have a small adapter for use with a certain kind of computer cable. I hate to throw it away; it seems wasteful. Somebody really might need it. But it’s not practical to go to the time and expense of writing it up and posting an ad on eBay. This item, like many that people do offer to sell on eBay, is not likely to sell within a one-week auction window.

There should be a flea market website that allows me to list this kind of item. Ideally, it would be like a wiki, where users are able to create subcategories that more precisely define their particular item. No, as I think of it, the real ideal would be for someone to write software that asks questions, where users can add to the list of questions or selection criteria, to steer someone to the right place. “What are you selling?” “Adapter.” “Name one of its connectors.” “PS/2.” And so forth.

The flea market should charge a flat rate of maybe $1.50 per month per user (buyer or seller), for up to, say, a dozen purchases or sales per month (more for heavy users), with no additional fees. For that price, the seller can list as many items as s/he wants, using UPCs, ISBNs, or other part numbers or designators whenever possible.


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