Needed: Audiotaped Police Reports


Written police reports frequently distort what was said at the scene of a crime or accident. Investigations would be more accurate if the original police report were made and retained in audio format. The report should be made available at a price, which could be reduced when someone (e.g., a party to the incident, or his/her insurer or paralegal) repays the police by giving them an accurate written transcript of the recording that could likewise be saved in electronic (e.g., PDF) format.


One Response to “Needed: Audiotaped Police Reports”

  1. Excellent Idea! However, there’s a reason, in some cases, that police reports don’t accurately convey the situation as it happened, i.e., my blog about the corrupt police dept. in my town. I record any conversations with these police and they change their reports to match LOL! Or, they plagerize it from my book if they never wrote a report. Any way you look at it, the legal system believes, unequivically, the police report, whether it’s accurate or not. Good luck getting that changed, but your idea is a worthy one.


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