Review: Targus Slam Backpack


I’ve used this backpack almost daily for more than two years. It is bulletproof. I have carried loads of books that would have given Superman a hernia. It has padded my laptop sufficiently to protect it when somebody (can’t imagine who) took it off and put it too close to the edge of the table. A tumble! Oops. But, you know, no harm, no foul.

I still don’t understand the idea of the extension deal, where there’s this space between Part A and Part B of the backpack. I am pretty sure it’s to carry your skateboard. For a year or so, I was using that space to hold a bag containing rain gear, because I was sleeping outdoors a lot.

The backpack has about 85 pockets, and each one works pretty well. When you unzip everything, it sprawls out like an accordion, so it’s easy to jam a new load of crap in it. The elastic still works just fine. Excellent padding in the shoulder straps. The zippers have not yet popped, despite my unremitting efforts to overload it. I wouldn’t buy another one of these because I still don’t like the funky strap extension thing, but I will most likely buy another Targus. If I ever need to, that is. This one is not showing many signs of age.


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