Needed: Google Search Filter


I search in Google.  I get a list of a million webpages.  I refine my search.  Ultimately, I’m down to a few thousand.  Problem:  too many of the results are junk.  Example:  they seem to be automatically generated in response to my search.  I get pages reflecting all of my search terms but having no meaningful content.

I want a Firefox add-on, or some other tool, that will help me eliminate stuff I don’t want.  This means several things.  First, I want to be able to use this tool to enter my Google searches.  I want it to save elements of previous searches (e.g., in Google search syntax, “-dogs” (i.e., the word with a minus in front of it) means “exclude webpages containing references to dogs”; maybe I never want to see pages about dogs) so I can enter them quickly.  I want that because sometimes I have to type the same search terms at length, and it gets tiring and slow.   So then this tool becomes my repository of all the different variations I have used on Google searches.  In this tool, besides storing elements of searches (e.g., -dogs), I can save whole searches, and can mix and match them with one another.

Second, I want this tool to let me store and add to lists of preferred or unwanted websites.  The CustomizeGoogle add-on allows me to enter a list of unwanted sites manually, but I want to do it by clicking next to the unwanted item as it appears on the actual Google search results page.  Ideally, the tool would ask me to select the portion of the text, contained in the brief Google search description of the website, that persuaded me to exclude this website, and the tool would then de-prioritize other search results containing that term.

Finally, I want this tool to draw upon a database of other Google searchers’ decisions.  For any search, people will vary on what they find interesting or relevant.  But when a sufficiently high percentage of people seems to agree that a certain website is just not what they wanted, then I don’t want to have to manually exclude or de-prioritize that website; I want the tool to do it automatically.


3 Responses to “Needed: Google Search Filter”

  1. 1 Kia

    CustomizeGoogle can do that. It has a link “filter” next to each result. Click it and the link will be added to the filterlist.

  2. 2 raywoodcock

    Thanks for correcting my comment about CustomizeGoogle. I can indeed click next to the unwanted item. CustomizeGoogle also allows me to enter * as a wildcard, if I want to block numerous webpages from a site. It doesn’t offer the broader de-prioritization that appears here on my wish list, however.

  3. wow, you’re lazy


    You’re not going to find the extensions you want by relying on AMO, so you’ll need to explore AM, too.

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