Needed: A Single Dual Monitor


Right now, if you want to use dual monitors, you have to buy two monitors. This may seem logical. But an even more logical thing would be that, if you want to use dual monitors, you buy a dual monitor.

When you must buy two monitors, you must plug dual cables into dual outlets. You must also wrestle with dual positioning. With one piece of hardware that was designed from the beginning to serve as a dual monitor, this would not be necessary.

One stand is capable of holding two monitors. Moreover, it is capable of holding them so closely together that the user’s dual-screen experience could be an almost seamless one.

A single stand, holding dual monitors, could also hold them in assorted landscape and portrait orientations. That way, a user could arrange his/her desktop to open some programs (e.g., the Internet browser) in landscape mode, with a wide view — on, say, the left-hand monitor — while holding other programs (e.g., the word processor) in portrait mode, on the right-hand monitor.

A single dual monitor could also be much easier to move. The two monitors could fit together, face to face, providing very good protection; and with a base intelligently designed to pop off, the monitors and stand could slide into a box not much bigger than a single-monitor box.

After writing the foregoing words, I became aware of DoubleSight’s dual LCDs. At present, they do not have all of the features described above. But they have some of them, so they illustrate the point.


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