Needed: Wish List Webpage


There should be a wish list webpage. On this page, people would list their wishes in different categories, according to what kind of thing the person wants. Some people want money; some people want prayers or positive thoughts; some want feedback on the websites they have developed or the creative things they have written; and so forth.

You would list your wishes in each category and indicate how reasonable or important you think each one is. For example, you might wish you had $10 to buy a gift for your mother; and you might also wish you had a million dollars to live a comfortable life.  You might recognize that the $10 request is more reasonable.  Other people would also vote on the reasonableness or importance of your wishes. The webpage would rank your wishes by some formula that would take into account your own ranking and the rating that others gave to each of your wishes.

Of all of your wishes, the world would be able to respond to (and perhaps able to rate) only the one that you considered most important or reasonable. Once you were satisfied on that one (e.g., when you had the money you needed, or when your mother’s birthday was past, or when you gave up on the original wish), you could retire it (or, if you specified an expiration date, it would retire automatically), and then visitors to the webpage would be able to consider the next most reasonable or important wish on your list.

The world’s most reasonable or important wishes would appear closest to the top of the list, within each category (money, positive thoughts, etc.). People who wanted to be able to do something good for someone else could review the categories that matched their own abilities. For example, people interested in making a financial gift to someone else could review the list of financial wishes, vote on how important or reasonable they considered those wishes, and respond (by e.g., PayPal) to the ones they wished to satisfy. People interested in devoting their prayers or positive thoughts to someone could see what was being requested and, optionally, could post notes about it (e.g., “We’re praying for you!”). Wishes could be automatically retired when they met other criteria imposed by the system or by the user (e.g., “I need $100”; “I need the positive thoughts of 20 people”). These criteria could also be taken into account when wishes were being rated (e.g., a request for prayers from a million people might seem unreasonable).


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