Proposed: Hillary Clinton Should Become an Actress


I’ve been chuckling, for years, at Leno’s & Letterman’s jokes at the expense of Hillary Clinton — about pantsuits and frigidity and all that.  But in reality, as I view the person she has turned out to be, I think she’s a consummate actress.  I don’t say that critically or disparagingly.  I mean to say she has the face and demeanor of someone who could turn in a compelling performance on film.

If she doesn’t wind up as vice president, she won’t be a major force in the Senate.  She doesn’t have enough seniority or, apparently, enough friends there for that.  There’s even a risk she will lose re-election; that happens, sometimes, to those who reach for the stars and fail.  I hate to see someone with her talents (and even with her ability to stir up controversy) simply wither away.  She’s had a remarkable run so far, as former first ladies go; why stop now?


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