Needed: Google Search Refinement Add-On


1.  I do a Google search.  It gives too many results.  I refine it.  It gives fewer.  I want to see the cascading list of what I had before, and what I have now, and what I get when I refine it further.  Color-coding would be good, to show me (in e.g., blue) which ones dropped out in the first round, and (in e.g., green) which ones dropped out in the refined search, etc.

2.  Having refined my Google search, I begin to look at individual articles.  I want to annotate what I have found.  Under each Google hit, I want a space where I can write notes to myself about what this website contains.  I want it to happen within the Google format, so my notes will come up again if I do a similar study in the future.  Having annotated various webpages in the Google search results, I want a check box that allows me to hide the less relevant results, or perhaps display them in greyed or smaller print.

3.  I want to be able to design categories, and to click all categories that apply to each website Google finds (e.g., “informational site,” “product sale site,” “too good to lose”), and save my clicks, and do future searches (for e.g., “great vacations”) just within webpages I have already marked with checkboxes (as being “too good to lose”).


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