Needed: Personal Numbers Map


Some numbers seem to recur in people’s lives at times.  For example, a person might coincidentally live at two different houses numbered 1012 (e.g., 1012 Main St. and then, years later, 1012 Green St.).  It’s probably just coincidence.  Still, it could be interesting to see which numbers appear most frequently in one’s daily materials.  A program running in the background on one’s computer could process all of one’s electronic letters, e-mails, and other data sources, capture all of the numbers appearing in those sources, and map them in terms of (a) their frequency and (b) the statistical likelihood that those particular numbers would recur at that frequency.  Of course, there may need to be some adjustments (for e.g., one’s present home address, or for numbers in frequently-used spreadsheets).  Some such adjustments might consist of a simple weighting according to the number of seconds during which such numbers are visible on the computer screen during a given month.  At any rate, the idea would be to create an appropriately weighted map that would highlight the most frequently used numbers, perhaps for comparison with similar number charts generated by other persons whose numbers might interest the person, for whatever reason (e.g., one’s spouse, a celebrity, someone of the same astrological sign).


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