Proposed: Party Game: What Are You Thinking?


In this game, you sit in a circle and take turns.  The first person says, “I bet that, since this game started, someone in this circle has had the thought that they hope they will win the game.”  Everyone in the circle who has had this thought raises his/her hand, gets a point, takes a drink, or whatever.  If no hands go up, then the speaker loses a point, takes a drink, sheds a piece of clothing, or whatever.  You go around the circle, each person betting that they know of a thought that at least one person in the circle has had since the game started.  You play until someone reaches the winning score (10 points, maybe, or 21), or whatever.

Then you start back at the first person and ask him/her to repeat the thing that s/he bet first.  In the example just given, the first person would say to the winning person, “OK, John, I bet that someone in the group had the thought that they hoped they would win.  You raised your hand.”  Then the next person for whom John raised his hand would repeat the bet that s/he had made.  You go around the circle until you’ve repeated all of the bets that John raised his hand for.

Now John has to describe the thoughts he had, in response to each of the bets, and explain how one thought led to the next, or provide other details about the thoughts he claimed to have.  Then people in the circle vote on whether his story is believable.  If they think he’s fibbing, he loses his winner status, or gives up his points, or is out of the circle, or whatever.


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