Question: Is Nighttime Good for You?


People originally lived outdoors.  They were outside during the daytime, and therefore got lots of sunshine.  They were also outdoors at night, except if they happened to live in a cave.  So they got to see the stars and the moon, feel the night breeze, hear the nighttime insects, and so forth.

Nowadays, people are mostly indoors at night.  Even when they are outdoors, they tend to be in towns and cities, where they have very little contact with the original human nighttime experience.  They may not *feel* deprived, but it is possible that they are, in fact, deprived of some kinds of physical or emotional experiences that would be good for them.

I wondered about this because I found that I sleep so well outdoors.  If I can get myself a tentsite (or, in bug-free locations or times of year, a place to lay down a tarp) that is not near sources of artificial noise, no parties going on nearby, etc., it’s a great experience.


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