2120 Hindsight: The Anzschluss


One of the world’s last great alliances of nations, the Anzschluss, formally ended 70 years ago this week.  To commemorate that famous alliance, and to give viewers an authentic sense of what the world was like when the Anzschluss was first formed more than a century ago, tonight we will provide old-style “interviews and commentary” in place of our regularly scheduled multisensory immersion news coverage.

For those unfamiliar with this antique journalistic format, the basic idea of an “interview” is that the Panews network has assigned several human beings to talk to other human beings, total strangers, and to ask them questions about some of their experiences.  Needless to say, the people “interviewed” for this particular program all seem to be at least 80 years old; otherwise they would have been too young to remember the Anzschluss.  Since only selected individuals received resource approval to enter Senior status during the Winnowing of 2091, the memories of these interviewees will reflect the views of certain classes of people.  This is unfortunate; among other things, it has been impossible to locate an 80+ person from the lower statuses who comprised the Anzschluss military.  Viewers may nevertheless find this to be a remarkably authentic historical news experience.  Again, viewers are reminded that this program lacks the normal intensity restrictions of multisensory programming, and may thus provide cognitive and/or emotive overstimulus.  Viewer discretion is advised.

The concept of an “interview,” as used in this program, was that the experiences of a few individuals would somehow represent or reflect the views and experiences of many other people who looked or thought like them.  This primitive approach, while obviously pigeonholing and demeaning from a 22nd-century perspective, was quite normal and accepted during the era of the Anzschluss.  Viewers are thus advised that some of the contents of this program may be offensive and ignorant.  See Clearance Waiver 812A4t.

By way of introduction, the first segment of this program will feature an interview of a person who understood two important languages of the era, English and Mandarin Chinese.  A surprisingly high number of people spoke different languages until well after the end of the Anzschluss, so this skill helped this person to obtain firsthand impressions from cultures of the time, both inside and outside the Anzschluss.  Expert Knowledge™ tells us that it was common, in the interview form of journalism, to start a program by asking questions of the interviewee, so as to provide an overview of what seemed to be the basic facts of a story.

As her story will reveal, this person was a teenager when the Anzschluss was formed.  Her exact age is confidential, of course, but as a Senior she could not be subpoenaed to participate in this program.  Fortunately, when she heard that we were going to use an interview format, she decided to contribute her time and knowledge to this project.  So we are very grateful for that.  Her own voice, with the accent of the era in which she grew up, certainly adds to the authenticity of this viewing experience.  And so, without further introductions, following the required disclosures, we will turn to our interviewer, Mr. Jonas Savimbi.

Disclosure:  The Anzschluss is alleged to have been a political and military union of the separate nations of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, based upon the ANZUS alliance but promoted into a federation in 2014 in response to the alleged Chinese Sinippon bailout of and confederation with Japan and alleged provocations arising therefrom, including but not limited to alleged crimes of resource acquisition.  The term “Anzschluss” is alleged to stem from a European concept of the 20th century.  “Jonas Savimbi” is reported to be the name of an actual historical figure.  Person syntheses appearing in this program are believed to portray generally accurate similitudes of human beings existing in approximately the periods indicated. No warranties are provided as to conceptual, historical, or literary validity or relevance of information provided in this entertainment program.  Not to be used for educational purposes.   Consumption without Expert Knowledge™ may impair mental clarity.  Any similarity of persons, places, or events described or depicted in this program to actual persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.  This program does not seek to implicate any regulated Truth controversies.  No large mammals were harmed in the making of this program.  Copyright © Disneydoch 2120.  All rights reserved.


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