Everyone Is So F*cking Miserable


Everyone is so fucking miserable
But I didn’t mean to say fucking
Pardon me for being profane
But to the point:  everyone is so f*cking miserable
It’s a world in pain
Pain!  Pain!
Remember the nastiest headache you ever had
That’s a good day
For some poor bastard
With some badwater-induced f*cking disease
In some developing country
(Not developing fast enough)
(I hate headaches.)

I was meaning to say that everyone is so f*cking miserable
It’s an overstatement
One-tenth of the world is comfortable and wealthy
Or at least half of the one-tenth
Or whatever.
Who’s counting?
The point is,
(Almost) everyone is so f*cking miserable.

What’s really miserable
Really, really miserable
Is that people in pain don’t even know they’re in pain
Like a blister on a marathoner’s toe
Toe? Blister? What? I need water
Marathoners do need water
The toe can wait
Almost everything can wait
Almost everything does.


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