Needed: Poem of History Wiki


It would be informative and inspiring to set up a wiki dedicated to presenting poems about the events of history.  Go to the page for October 14, 1066 and one of the links there is for the Battle of Hastings.  Follow that link and you’re on a wiki page where people can post their own original rhyming or free-verse poems, or poems that others have written, regarding that event.  If possible, set up a voting mechanism so that the most popular poems float to the top.

There surely wouldn’t be a page for every day, going back millennia.  Go back more than a few hundred years and the number of pages per year would dwindle.

Pages could also have links, perhaps automatically generated, to other reference sites that provide historical or literary information about the day in question.


2 Responses to “Needed: Poem of History Wiki”

  1. 1 Mary

    It’s interesting that you choose the date of the end of the Norman invasion as the link for your Wiki on history. WTF? Not a criticism – just a question.

    • Hi, Mary — thanks for asking. I can’t remember why that particular date interested me when I wrote this. There may not have been any special interest — I may have just chosen a major historical date at random.

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