Needed: Mechanics’ Dogs


Dogs could be trained to smell problems with cars.  Not all problems, of course, but quite a few:  brakes, fuel & exhaust systems, cooling system, electrical system components (e.g., overheating, short circuits), battery acid mix, mold or other signs of concealed water damage, etc.

There are computers that can more accurately detect quite a few problems.  For that, you have to take your car into the shop, you have to live in a country where they have shops with computers, and you have to have a vehicle with computerized diagnosis capabilities (which excludes old cars and many non-car vehicles, such as motorbikes and many tractors).  You also have to pay for sensors in the vehicle you purchase, and sometimes you have to pay to repair the sensors themselves.


One Response to “Needed: Mechanics’ Dogs”

  1. 1 sandysays1

    I agree. I already smell out accidents that happened in the rear seat, front seat, spillages on the seat covers, and the improperly disposed of trash.

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