Needed: Freeware Use Tracker


I would like to make contributions to some software developers. I can’t pay them all. There are freeware programs that are highly visible. Those, I know about. But there are also scripts, utilities, Firefox add-ons, and all sorts of stuff that I probably use quite frequently but take for granted — if I even remember that I installed them at all.

I would like to be able to run a program that would tell me what programs, add-ons, scripts, and other software devices I have been using, and how much I’ve been using them. Ideally, it would tell me more than just how frequently the programs run, because there are probably some that run and do nothing.

Armed with such a program, at my time of generosity and reckoning — every week, or month, or year — I could decide how much I could afford to pay all of these people for their efforts, and the program would give me the breakdown, and I would make the payments.


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