Needed: Google Unique Search


I am looking for the various kinds of multiple desktop software that might exist.  I do a search.  I do another search.  Every time I do a search, I see different products.  I step back a level and try to find reviews or comparisons that show what products are out there.   This helps, but now I am relying on what is sometimes a completely misinformed or irrelevant concept of what counts as a multiple desktop program, or of how well various programs perform.

What I’d prefer is a Google search that, in the first level of analysis, gives me the whole shmeer, with perhaps a visual option depicting various ways in which these many search results could be categorized.  In response to my click in one direction or another, the search engine would have a sense of what I was trying to distinguish.  Within a couple of degrees of Kevin Bacon, the thing might be able to figure out that I’d really just like to see one or two of the most frequently visited webpages on Dexpot, and one or two on VirtuaWin, and so forth.  So maybe then, in the top 20 hits, I would have a smorgasbord of links to the different kinds of multiple desktop programs that exist.


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