Needed: What They Think of You


It would be helpful to have a webpage on which you could invite others to say what they consider your strengths to be.  Not weaknesses, directly, since some people would hesitate to criticize friends and others might overdo the criticism.  A carefully selected set of choices among strengths might do a better job.  A fairly good picture might emerge from 50 or 100 questions in the form of “Which of these better describes Ray?”  Sample pairings could include quick/cautious, articulate/listening, and stable/flexible.

You could categorize the people whom you invite to share their reactions.  Possible categories include friends, acquaintances, romantic partners, and business associates.  You could allow selected individuals (e.g., potential employers) to view selected results (e.g., reports from verified business associates, perhaps matched by email address to your list of professional references) by using a temporary password.

Results of the questions could be analyzed automatically by a program like the ones that some online dating sites use, where they leverage your answers to various questions into a whole presentation of who you are.  It would be possible for vendors to compete for the opportunity to provide such interpretations.  For instance, it may develop that you think (or have heard) that Company 1 does an especially good job of interpreting these data, so you might subscribe to Company 1 to interpret data from your “What do they think of me?” website.

You could actually use your “What do they think of me?” website as a source of input from specific groups, or on specific topics.  For instance, for a fee, you might give ten randomly selected individuals a temporary pass with which to view your Facebook page, or your personal webpage, and then indicate what kind of person you seem to be.  You could ask your friends, or random strangers, or selected knowledgeable individuals, to provide an appraisal of something you’ve written, or of a video you’ve posted, perhaps showing your performance in some kind of activity.

In short, this webpage could be a sort of Facebook, oriented not toward pleasant social interactions with friends but, rather, toward the serious side of your interactions with a wide variety of people in your world.


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