Contrarian Position: People Should Vote Less (moved)


(This item has been moved to my politics blog.)


One Response to “Contrarian Position: People Should Vote Less (moved)”

  1. 1 Marc Collins

    A couple thoughts: people can disapprove of congress (535 members) and agree on average with the decisions made be their elected representatives (1 congressman and 2 senators). Additionally we tend to say we disagree when one or two key of our key issues are not supported when congress engages on hundreds of issues, many of which touch our lives.

    We all have special interests and these tend to be handled within party politics; yet the interests of citizens in New York urban cities are significantly than those in the Midwest or plains states. Those needs are not appropriately handled within 2 party alignment.

    The Electoral college approach currently used artificially glumps all of California into a single winner take all pool, which makes it a big prize and hence more important than smaller states; it also papers over minority positions that are present in more conservative parts of the state, even if they are 40 – 45% of the states population. Wouldn’t a system of where each congressional district gets one electoral vote and the state’s overall winner gets two electoral votes be fairer and more representatives (representing the two senators which are elected statewide).

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