Is It Possible to Terraform Venus By Steering an Asteroid Into It?


Venus is incredibly hot.  Its atmosphere is super-dense.  It features sulfuric acid rain.  There is little if any water.  On the other hand, it is Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor and is also about the same size as Earth.  With the right technologies, over a period of a century or two, it could conceivably become an alternate home for humans.

I am under the impression that one of Venus’s many problems is that its crust is rigid, and that this rigidity prevents heat loss and may also contribute to its lack of a magnetic field.  So I wonder if smacking it with an asteroid would loosen up the crust to salutary effect.  Of course, it would be better not to explode the planet; we don’t need more space junk.

There’s been talk of using various techniques to steer an incoming asteroid or comet away from Earth, but less talk of where we would like to steer it *to*.  Allow me to suggest Venus.  A bit of target practice could help Earth to prepare for the day of danger, and might also beneficially stir things up on the love planet.


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