Faith, Love, and Hope


(This item has been moved to my grief blog.)


2 Responses to “Faith, Love, and Hope”

  1. 1 Trionne

    An interesting point of view, but I wonder is not “hope” faith in action? We don’t know what we are really looking for that continuation or completion that we search, but the fact we do isn’t that faith?

    As for love there are so many different ways to love to feel love, and I know that there are many of us who cherish (a form of love) your ability to create prose that causes one to think, what do I really believe in…

    But regretfully I wonder if you are attempting to box in these emotions in what we identify as the acceptable defined words. You see I needed to come to the conclusion that life is not in the black and white definitions that everyone identifies, or I would have never found peace. On the other hand what if there is more, and faith isn’t always a feel good, and love hurts at times so we know how vast our heart can feel…..

    Just wondering, but know my friend you are always in my heart….

  2. It’s been said that, without our lies and illusions, life would be unbearable. Old age… wisdom… perhaps is knowing which lies and illusions you can afford and which you cannot.

    I think that, while it sometimes seems that most “seem to be doing OK,” it may be that some just wear a better mask or can fake it better.

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