A Current Reason for Revolution


There is probably always some kind of reason for revolution:  the beer is warm, cars are too expensive, the vanguard of the proletariat demands that we STRIKE!  Egypt et al. certainly have had their reasons recently, as Russia did long ago and America long before that.

One reason why it could be our turn again is that the Democratic and Republican parties have too much power.  They stifle diverse viewpoints and produce enormous gridlock.  For all the drawbacks of the Tea Party or the Socialists, we need a political system where there is a more extreme party on the left and another on the right.  Many Democrats don’t want Obama to be so weakly centrist; many Republicans were not pleased at the prospect that Romney might get their vote and then turn right around and become a liberal.

It would be nice if the Democratic and Republican parties would recognize the importance of a less oligarchic political structure, and take liberating steps accordingly, but that’s not going to happen.  It would be nice if the courts would give the common people a meaningful way to change and improve dysfunctionalities in our political system, but that’s not going to happen either.  There is no prospect that the system is going to change itself to place pressures on politicians — to threaten Democratic incumbents from the left as well as the right, or conversely for Republican incumbents.

There is also no chance that ordinary citizens are going to get behind any push for radical change in the system.  Politically oriented people seem content, rather, to fritter away their hopes on minor tinkering within their political parties.  Aside from acts that would be labeled as terrorism, the only potential force for real change that I can think of at the moment would be a constitutional convention.


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