Poem: An Indeterminate Day


An Indeterminate Day
September 21, 2013

I like an indeterminate day
It begins before dawn
At any one of a hundred moments
When it could have begun
With me doing the things that I have to do
In no particular order
As I walk between my tent and my car
And variously work my way through
Mundane tasks of eating and dressing
And exercising and arranging
And so forth
I like an indeterminate day

At some point it becomes warmer
And the layers come off
As I watch the sun
And the shadows angle in various directions
Around in a circle bigger than me
Starting in distances and ending in distances
There are bugs
There is work I have to do
Things flying away in the distance
Somehow the hours track on
I don’t notice
It’s an indeterminate day

I do notice there are mosquitoes at dawn and dusk
And dragonflies sometimes
Clouds pop up and go away
For no particular reason
I eat when I’m hungry
The wind blows
Later I think I’ll get a beer
Or maybe I don’t think that
There are no appointments

I don’t mind a day that is more determinate
More afflicted with emergent thunderstorms
And broken things I must fix
But this is not that
This is a day when nothing in particular is happening
Except that I’m doing my work
And the grass is waving
Later, sometime after dark
I will get tired and go to bed
I can’t predict when it will happen
But it will
It will have been an indeterminate day.


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