Poem: Stored It Up


Stored It Up
September 13, 2013

There were moonlit evenings
Sweet warm nights
A light breeze, a perfect temperature
And we should have lived there forever.
But you moved on
And I understood
The next day came
The night did not persist.

I stored it up
I remembered
How warm and sweet it was
Just to be there in that moonlight and night air.
I felt we should – no, I felt sure we would
Go back and share that together again
Be there with each other
Ever more richly and fully

That didn’t happen
It never happened again
It was one event, one evening, a few moments
And what I say to you, I would say to a hundred others:
What happened?
Why did we let those nights and those moments go?

But we did
That’s life
That’s what we do
It’s over
You’re gone now
You’ve been gone for decades
And everybody like you
Everyone with whom I could have gone back
Would have loved to go back
To continue, to re-enjoy
To be there together, again and again
Everyone is gone


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