Poem: A Word (Feb. 1981)


it’s a word coming to me i’m hearing from you
you seem so still why around you there’s light I’m waiting
i think i’m hearing from you
no a joke upon me from me and sad at that and not sad
too it’s a word from you hello hello then gone before I
finish the word seals up closes gone

pot a plant on my window a green stem a sad little
green boy looking at me go home little boy no use for
you here no point in a green stem over here

a man too there’s coming from that gasp of a word that
shard of a letter there’s a man too
who aah i know a man that man i know though me not
me he doesn’t know me i don’t really know him but i know
him a decent man a posed man solid stable not me no
not me another man

no point in that man another man over there

nor a glimmer nor a word
only spring distance green miles long roads
imagine wondering thinking that’s me wondering
thinking waiting no deep thinking
just wondering that’s all imagine that


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