Suggestion to Amazon: Packaging for Garage Sales Online


Dear Amazon:

I have a bunch of things that I would like to sell. I’d do a yard sale, but it’s the wrong season, and anyway that’s a hassle. Here’s what I’d like for you to help me do instead.

Some of these items have a UPC code. I want to enter those codes into an online form that you offer me. Other items do not have a bar code. I want you to help me figure out the bar code on their original packaging, or at least identify highly similar items in your database that do have UPC codes. (E.g., what is the item’s brand name, description, size, color?)

Now that you have the list of items I want to sell, I want you to send me a flat, not-yet-assembled cardboard box for each such item. The cardboard box will have a label indicating what item goes in it, and stating my return address and the UPC or other code identifying the item.

When I’ve boxed up all my items, they are ready for sale. I want to put them all in the large box included in your shipment to me, and send them to you. When you receive the big box, you can take out the items, put them on the shelf, list them for sale on your website, and wait for someone to buy them.

Although I know you’re competing against eBay, you could also place automated ads on eBay, using the information I’ve provided, and maybe on Craigslist or elsewhere — maybe all at the same time, or maybe starting with one and then shifting to another, for those things that don’t sell quickly.

This service would save me the hassle of a garage sale, and also the hassle of entering each item individually for sale. It would also take advantage of the low shipping costs you are able to negotiate.

A variation that would further reduce shipping costs: I could print out the labels for the individual boxes you have identified as being appropriate for my items. I could go to a local merchant and hand over your list of which boxes I need. The list might say I need three Amazon No. 12 boxes and four Amazon No. 9 boxes.

I hope you do come up with some concept along these lines. I have a bunch of stuff to unload, and not much desire to go through the mechanics of unloading it.




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