A Suggestion to the Internet Archive (WaybackMachine)


Dear Internet Archive:

I suggest you offer three free and/or paid services to bloggers and other content creators:

1. Automated archiving. On a designated schedule (e.g., every Tuesday, or on the third day of each month), you archive every webpage (e.g., every post) in a website or blog. Such archiving would preserve the contents for posterity. It would also facilitate the two following services.

2. Automated backup. On a schedule, you make backups of each page in a website or blog. This backup could perform two separate functions: (a) it could offer a rapid-restore feature, for content providers whose webpages have suddenly disappeared, and (b) it could generate a readable offline copy of the website, for downloading and offline viewing. In a separate post, I offer further information on the difference between backup and readable offline copying.

3. Automated plagiarism checking. On a schedule, and perhaps in conjunction with a service like Copyscape, you conduct searches for the content of each page in an archived website (see point 1, above). This service could provide reports indicating that, for example, the content of Page 1 is now also found at http://www.somewhere.com. Writers wishing to protect their material might appreciate an unambiguous report that the content of Page 1 has been archived since March 13, 2012, whereas the copy appearing at http://www.somewhere.com did not appear before November 2, 2014.


Ray Woodcock


One Response to “A Suggestion to the Internet Archive (WaybackMachine)”

  1. I’ve made a small tool to automatically generate a backup from Wayback Machine archives: https://github.com/hartator/wayback-machine-downloader

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