Your Annual Checkup


You could set up a batch file that opens this page every January 1. That way, you wouldn’t have to remember to come back here for the following annual checkup items.

Once you’re here, you can open many links at once with an add-on like SnapLinks Plus or Multi Links Plus. (Those links are for Firefox, but I think those or similar add-ons are also available in Chrome.)

You don’t have to do them all. Try a few from each category. You might keep your scores to compare against previous years. For instance, you could print the web pages as PDFs using a free PDF printer.

Physical Health

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Test Your Color Vision

Healthy Body Calculator

NTNU Fitness Calculator

Hearing Range Test (HD version) and Normal Hearing Range
(or possibly just a test of your speakers or headphones)

Don’t forget to see the doctor and the dentist


Abaris (probably the most scholarly of the bunch)

Social Security Life Expectancy Calculator

The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

Years Left to Live (explanation)

How You Will Die (explanation)

Mental Health

Psychology Today Mental Health Assessment

Creative Aging Labs: Test Your Brain’s Performance

U. Penn Authentic Happiness Test Center

Risk of Alzheimer’s: Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE)
(If results are significant, consider impact on life expectancy)


Big Five Personality Traits test recommended by Business Insider

Personality Factors Test (requires Facebook login)

MBTI Alternative: Open Extended Jungian Scale

Narcissistic Personality Inventory

Left or Right Brain Test

Politics & Geography

Figure Out What State You Belong In

Pew Research Political Typology Quiz

Survey of Dictionary-Based Isms

Contemporary Culture

The Most Popular YouTube Videos of the Past Year

Have You Seen and Rated IMDb’s Top 250 Movies?

Older Best of the Year Lists: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Career & Money

iPersonic Career Test

Request Your Free Annual Credit Report

Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Consumer Refunds


Altmetric: Research That Caught the Public’s Attention This Year

Annual Computer Security Review

SaferCar Auto Recalls


Should I add other pages to the list? Suggestions welcome!


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