The Brave Man and the Coward (poem)


There’s a brave man –
Not looking for a fight,
Not running from one.
The brave man stands his ground.
There’s a coward; he doesn’t.
The brave man sees a wrong and speaks up.
Gets into trouble.
The coward picks his battles: none.
The brave man gets all worked up.
Says foolish things. Makes enemies.
The coward makes friends,
Makes the brave man his friend,
Tries to explain how it’s done.
Say what people want to hear.
The brave man can’t do that.
The brave man believes in principles,
In right and wrong.
He has ideas he would die for.
And maybe he will.
The coward and his friends
Will put flowers on the grave,
Think of what a great guy he was –
Although a bit headstrong.
Today, I was almost the brave man.
But instead, I’m still here.
Tomorrow, probably the same.


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