A God Spoke to Me in the Wake Vortex (poem)


Perched on a rock, watching
Butterflies on the breeze
Autumn ripples in a pondlet
Quaking leaves and dying grass

And then a god flashed overhead
Silver skin mirroring the sun
Wings stretched out
A hundred eyes along its side

It passed; then a pause
A gathering silence as the angry cry faded
A reverent moment, presaging the oracle

Suddenly, a crack, as the skies split
The oracle comes
A whip through the wind
The slither of its tail
The oracle, an invisible snake
Slicing through the air
Saying, I am the wake vortex
I live in the sky
I follow the steel birds

Yes, I said, yes, give us the word
But the oracle was gone
I was left standing
Left to guess at an oracle
Traveling in a god’s trail
Never seen, rarely heard
Parsing the empty sky
Touching me in this little wood
A glance, a nod
The oracle of the silver god
Explaining goodbye


(video version)


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