About This Blog

When I started this blog in 2007, it was as a general-purpose counterpoint against the technical blog where I was putting mostly computer-oriented material. Later, I developed other blogs on specific subjects (e.g., religion, higher education). Some of the older non-tech material in this blog may belong in some of those other blogs, and at some point I may acutually move some of that material to those other places.

In more recent years, this blog has become more of a home for ideas, for speculations, suggestions, and more creative materials, especially poetry. The speculations and bets on the future are often intended as discussion starters, as proposals that will at least stimulate me to pay attention to how things turn out. Those speculations are almost always based on my general reading; few if any arise from detailed investigation, where I might feel that I really do have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and can speak with some confidence about future developments.

You can see a simple list of all posts in this blog by clicking the Archives link (above) on any page.  The Categories link provides the same list, broken down into categories, with brief excerpts from each post.  You can also use the Search box to find specific material.  For more about me, please visit my home website.

I hope you find these materials useful.  If you do, please lend your support by commenting and sharing.

With best regards,

Ray Woodcock


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